Moti Elon, rabbi convicted of indecent assault, opens new yeshiva in Jerusalem

Rabbi Moti Elon, who was convicted of indecent assault against a minor just under four years ago, opened a new yeshiva in central Jerusalem on Monday.
Video footage has emerged of a ceremony which took place on Monday in which Elon affixed a mezuzah to the entrance of the new yeshiva with a large crowd of supporters.
In August 2013, Elon was convicted on two counts of indecent assault by force against a minor but never served any jail time for the crime.
He was instead given a six month commuted sentence which he served in community service, was also put on probation for three years, and ordered to pay the complainant NIS 10,000.
Elon always denied the allegations, never admitted to his crime and never apologized to his victim, but did not appeal the conviction in the Jerusalem Magistrate’s Court.