Muslim prayers at Capitol stir protests

Muslim prayers at Capito

The organizers of a Muslim day of prayer scheduled to take place Friday in front of the US Capitol have come under attack from some conservative Christians. The event, called "Islam on Capitol Hill," is designed to highlight how US Muslims can coexist with their fellow Americans. Hassen Abdellah, the lead organizer of the event, called on people to come to the Capitol to "pray for peace and understanding between America and its Muslim community." But this week, some conservative Christians have called the event a threat to Christian values. In a statement, Rev. Canon Julian Dobbs, leader of the Convocation of Anglicans in North America's "Church and Islam Project," warned that the service is "part of a well-defined strategy to Islamize American society and replace the Bible with the Koran, the cross with the Islamic crescent and the church bells with the Athan (the Muslim call to prayer)." Christian evangelist Lou Engle said the Friday event "is much more than a nice little Muslim gathering. It's an invocation of spiritual powers of an ideology" that "doesn't have the same set of values that our nation has had."