NIS 20 Lag Baomer whistle from Meron nearly kills young man

A 20-shekel whistle with a metal piece with sharp edges that a 19-year-old bought at the Lag Ba'omer events at Meron entered his lungs, requiring him to be treated urgently at Kaplan Medical Center in Rehovot on Sunday The doctors managed under general anesthesia to pull the dangerous part out of his respiratory system and save his life.
Yoel Sofer, who will soon enter the army, went to the tomb of Rabbi Shimon Bar-Yohai with his friends.
"I came home in the morning to let my mother hear the funny noises from the whistle, which made me laugh. Almost immediately, I mistakenly inhaled pieces of metal. I started to cough immediately. I couldn’t breathe and foam came out of my mouth. After my father, Motti, tried to tap me on the back several times to remove the foreign object but didn’t succeed, he put me in the car and took me to the emergency room in Rehovot.