Olmert undergoes cross examination in corruption trial

State attorney Uri Korb began his cross examination of former prime minster Ehud Olmert Monday in the Jerusalem District Court.
At this stage of the trial, Olmert is required to answer questions on excerpts from his interrogation and testimonies by other witnesses, and also on documents indicating his alleged involvement in the various corruption affairs he is linked to.
During Monday's cross examination, Korb put to Olmert that he knew American businessman Moshe Talansky had donated $300,000 to cover the debt of the group headed by Olmert's former campaign head Uri Messer, that supported his campaign to become mayor of Jerusalem in 1998.
In his earlier testimony, Olmert denied asking Messer to solicit funds from US businessman Moshe Talansky to pay a NIS 2 million debt the campaign accumulated.
Monday, Olmert said that he only knew the money was paid by a client of Messer's in around 2002, long after the Jerusalem municipal elections had taken place.