One dead, 11 hurt in 2nd day of Lebanon sectarian clashes

TRIPOLI, Lebanon - A man was killed and 11 wounded in a second day of sectarian clashes in the Lebanese port city of Tripoli on Wednesday between gunmen loyal to opposing sides in neighboring Syria's civil war, residents said.
The army, which cut off all roads leading to the area a day earlier, has sent in reinforcements to try to stop militants using machine guns and rocket-propelled grenades along Syria Street, a main thoroughfare that has become synonymous with the fighting in the city over the past year.
At least four people have died and 39 have been wounded in two days of fighting in Tripoli on Lebanon's northern Mediterranean coast.
Tension had been building since the deaths of at least 14 Lebanese and Palestinian gunmen from north Lebanon in a Syrian town close to the border on Friday. T h ey appeared to have joined insurgents waging a 20-month-old revolt against Syrian President Bashar Assad.
Syrian state television has shown graphic footage of the dead men, riddled with gunshot wounds and lying in the grass.