'PA views Nablus shooting with great deal of embarrassment'

The Palestinian Authority is viewing the incident in which an Israeli was killed and four others were wounded in Nablus early Sunday morning with a great deal of embarrassment, a security source said.
Unofficially, the source said, the Palestinians have already acknowledged that one of their officers erred when he opened fire.
The IDF has taken a severe view of the shooting, the security source explained, adding that the Palestinians were still investigating the incident.
The IDF is investigating the incident independently and with the PA, the source said. It is too soon, however, to discuss the possibility of handing over the shooter, the source explained. 
From a long term security perspective, security coordination between the IDF and PA security forces is a significant tool in maintaining stability, the source stressed.
The IDF will continue to coordinate visits to Joseph Tomb despite the attack, the source added.