Palestinian police rescue Israelis from mob in West Bank

Palestinian rioters threw rocks at the Israelis car, attempted to attack the two and set their car on fire.

Footage of the Israelis' car burning in Ramallah (COURTESY)

A Palestinian mob attacked two Israelis who entered Ramallah by mistake, on Wednesday night.

The Palestinian rioters attempted to assault the two Israelis, threw rocks at their car and set it on fire.

The Israelis stated they entered Ramallah by mistake while attempting to drive to Hashmonaim, a West Bank settlement.

The two, reportedly Breslov hassidim, are residents of Elad, a central Israel city, and the West Bank settlement of Shilo.

The Israelis were rescued unharmed by the Palestinian Authority's Preventive Security Service (PSS), who handed the Israelis over to the IDF.

The incident is under investigation, the IDF said in a statement. According to Israeli media, the two Israelis are being interrogated by Israel Police to clarify the circumstances of the incident.