The Palestinians are an Arab national group from the Southern Levant, predominantly the modern State of Israel.

Palestinians are predominantly Sunni Muslims, thought there are a minority of Christian and Shia Palestinians, as well as Druze and Samaritians that identify as Palestinian. There is dispute about when the Palestinian identity coalesced, be it in the post- or pre-war periods, and if it was an internal development or in direct response to the zionist movement.

The war that established Israel between Jewish and Arab forces resulted in a mass displacement of Palestinian Arabs. There is a significant diaspora of Palesitnians, especially in neighbouring Jordan, Syria, and Lebanon. 20% of Israeli citizens are Arabs, of which many also identify as Palestinian. Many Diaspora Palesitnians, as well as those from families displaced from beyond the 1948 armistice lines, identify as refugees.

Many Palestinian political movements lay claim to all the land of Israel as the future Palestinian state. The Palestinian Authority is one of the pirmary bodies that governs the Palestinians, with varying degrees of control in the West Bank. Palestinians have autonomy in Gaza, which is under the rule of Hamas.

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Why is Hamas escalating tensions with Israel now? - analysis

If Hamas was seemingly scared of escalating before, why are they comfortable escalating now, in the middle of the High Holy Days, one of the most sensitive periods of the year?


Palestinian killed as riots rage on Gaza border

The riots have continued for five days in a row, although a series of sporadic riots have taken place along the border throughout the past few weeks.


Oslo Accord: Origins, goals, flaws of the Israel-Palestinian peace plan

One of the architects of the Oslo Accords tells The Jerusalem Post about its origins, its aspirations, and its flaws

Jewish orgs bashing UPenn’s ‘Palestine Writes’ fest split on response

Jewish organizational responses have ranged from a call on the university to condemn the conference to a demand that the university shut the conference down or face legal consequences.


Riots renew on Gaza border, explosives thrown at fence

During the riots, explosives were thrown at an IDF jeep, with soldiers responding with live fire.


Mahmoud Abbas's antisemitism should make him a global pariah - opinion

Mahmoud Abbas is a rabid antisemite, and his ongoing hatred of Jews should rule him out as a partner for peace, a global diplomat, or even a person worthy of a decision-making role.


Why is only Israel blamed when Palestinian leaders cause death, harm? - opinion

Holding Palestinian leaders accountable for the death, destruction, and suffering they have caused for both Palestinians and Israelis is not just a matter of principle.


New wave of terror strikes West Bank with shooting, stabbing attacks

Two attacks in three hours: The rise in violence and escalation of Palestinian threats coincided with the beginning and end of Rosh Hashanah.

Israel's peace talks with Saudi Arabia ongoing, US stresses

An Arabic media report had claimed Riyadh withdrew from normalization talks due to Benjamin Netanyahu's "extremist" government.

Israelis, Palestinians clash across West Bank, Jerusalem on Rosh Hashanah

Palestinian media shared videos of physical altercations between Israeli police officers and Palestinian women in Jerusalem's Old City.

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