The Palestinians are an Arab national group from the Southern Levant, predominantly the modern State of Israel.

Palestinians are predominantly Sunni Muslims, thought there are a minority of Christian and Shia Palestinians, as well as Druze and Samaritians that identify as Palestinian. There is dispute about when the Palestinian identity coalesced, be it in the post- or pre-war periods, and if it was an internal development or in direct response to the zionist movement.

The war that established Israel between Jewish and Arab forces resulted in a mass displacement of Palestinian Arabs. There is a significant diaspora of Palesitnians, especially in neighbouring Jordan, Syria, and Lebanon. 20% of Israeli citizens are Arabs, of which many also identify as Palestinian. Many Diaspora Palesitnians, as well as those from families displaced from beyond the 1948 armistice lines, identify as refugees.

Many Palestinian political movements lay claim to all the land of Israel as the future Palestinian state. The Palestinian Authority is one of the pirmary bodies that governs the Palestinians, with varying degrees of control in the West Bank. Palestinians have autonomy in Gaza, which is under the rule of Hamas.

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Hamas and PA torture of jailed Palestinians is 'crime against humanity' - HRW

Torture and mistreatment of Palestinians by the PA and Hamas may amount to crimes against humanity, HRW and Lawyers for Justice said.

'Pro-Palestinian' rallies violence against Jews were always connected - analysis

Pro-Palestinian activism has re-packaged genocidal terminology and tried to hide it behind claims of “mistranslation.”

Palestinian org.: Israeli poem read by Pelosi 'romanticizes Israeli settlement'

American Muslims for Palestine (AMP) called the Israeli poet a romanticizer of an "illegal Israeli settlement" on an "ethnically cleansed Palestinian village." The song is a war anthem from the 80s.

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US deplores settler violence, slams Israel at UNSC ahead of Biden's visit

US Deputy Ambassador Richard Mills highlighted the recent killings of Ali Hassan Harb and Shireen Abu Akleh and the planned evictions from Masafer Yatta.

PA releases officers accused of killing anti-corruption activist Nizar Banat

The decision to release the officers was issued by the PA Military Prosecutor due to the health conditions arising from the spread of the coronavirus.

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Amnesty calls Palestinian teen stabber victim of 'Israeli apartheid'

Ahmad Manasrah, 20, "lost his childhood in Israel's prison system," said Amnesty International, after going on a stabbing rampage in 2015.

Election after election, the Palestinian elephant is still in the room - opinion

Voters once again will not be presented with any proposal on the future of the relations between the State of Israel and the Palestinian people.

Israel will not tolerate attacks from Gaza despite political instability, Bennett warns

"I would not advise anyone on the other side to try and challenge Israel's security stability," the outgoing prime minister said on Wednesday.

Two Israelis indicted for 'racist' ransacking of Palestinian coffee shop

Videos of the attack showed customers getting up from their tables and fleeing to the back of the shop as the Jewish men wearing face masks entered with steel rods and clubs.

Palestinian terror groups may increase attacks ahead of Israeli elections

Hamas and other terror groups’ appetite is likely to increase after the collapse of the coalition, paving the way for increased attacks against Israel.

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