Police arrest 9 'Occupy the Farm' protesters at Berkeley

SAN FRANCISCO - Three weeks after anti-poverty activists took over 2 acres of land belonging to the University of California at Berkeley and planted a vegetable garden for the needy, police in riot gear on Monday raided the site and arrested nine people.
UC Berkeley officials said the garden would be left intact and would be tended to by university staff.
A group calling itself Occupy the Farm, an offshoot of the anti-Wall Street activists who launched last fall's Occupy Wall Street movement protesting corporate greed and bank bailouts, started the unauthorized garden on April 22.
Campus police said 25 to 100 people had maintained a round-the-clock presence at the site since then, until police moved in on Monday and ordered them to leave.
Two of the activists were arrested for trespassing and seven others for unlawful assembly, said campus police Lieutenant Eric Tejada, but there was no violence or injuries.