Report: Germans in Israel for UAV training

German jet pilots visited the Ein Shemer air force base for additional training on the Israel Aerospace Industries unmanned aerial vehicle spy drone named Heron, Reuters reported Wednesday.
According to the report, Germany ordered a fleet of the popular Israeli made UAV a year ago to provide real-time images in Afghanistan.
"It's for the need of the ground troops, for our own protection, like convoy protection," a Luftwaffe airforce major said.
"In Afghanistan it's really hard to compare the good guys from the bad guys. So you have to surveil them a long time," explained the major who piloted a Tornado fighter jet in Afghanistan reconnaissance missions and spoke on condition on anonymity.
One of the Germans explained that as part of the visit to Israel, the Luftwaffe trainees visited Yad Vashem in Jerusalem.
The Defense Ministry in Berlin declined to comment on the visit.
IAI's Heron costs about $10 million dollars.