Report: Info from Israeli hack of ISIS leaked by Trump to Russia

New details on intelligence gathered by top Israeli cyber operatives, which  was allegedly part of classified information that US President Donald Trump was accused of leaking to Russia last month, was reported by the New York Times on Monday.
The exposé on current cyber-warfare tactics used by the United States and its allies cited American officials revealing Israel's hand in the recent success in penetrating the hard-to-track cyber tactics utilized by Islamic State and other extremist groups.
According to the report, Israel months ago hacked a cell of extremists making bombs in Syria. Intelligence gathered from those Israeli breaches reportedly led to the US revelation that ISIS was working to develop explosive devices that resembled laptop computer batteries that could easily evade airport screening methods.
The report cited two US officials familiar with the operation as saying that the intelligence allowed the US to understand the mechanisms and the process detonating them.
The information on ISIS terror operations was said to have in part prompted the Trump administration's March travel ban on several Muslim-majority countries, and was part of classified intelligence the US president was accused of leaking to Russia last month.
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