Road safety during Yom Hashoah siren

The National Road Safety Authority has issued road safety protocols for the two-minute siren that will sound throughout the country at 10 a.m. on Monday, during which drivers are expected to pull over and step out of their cars and pedestrians will stop moving.
Because the siren is at a fixed and known time, the authority recommends that all drivers plan their stop for about 10 minutes before the siren sounds at a parking lot or a gas station and wait there.
If, however, there are no suitable parking facilities nearby, drivers should slow down and pull their cars over to the right side of the road, in the shoulders if possible, the Road Safety Authority continued.
In this case, drivers should switch on their flashing emergency lights, turn off the engine and remove the key and keep as far away from the vehicle as possible. Meanwhile, pedestrians who need to cross the road in anticipation of the siren should do so at the appropriate crosswalk, the authority added.