Saudi grand mufti: Twitter is full of lies

The Saudi grand mufti on warned Saudis that social-networking website Twitter is full of lies, and is a place where people "issue fatwas without any knowledge," London-based Al Hayat reported Saturday.
Abdul Aziz Al-Sheikh said in his Friday sermon in Riyadh on Friday that Muslims to avoid being a "source or feeding" Twitter.
He said that Twitter is a place "in which people are invited to throw charges between them, and to lie in a manner that brings fame to some."
Sheikh called on those present to warn people about such sites, noting the positive sites that do exist on the Internet concerning science, business and God.
Despite warnings from the Saudi grand mufti, Saudi billionaire Prince Alwaleed bin Talal's Kingdom Holding Company announced December of last year that it would make a $300 million investment in the social-media site.
"Our investment in Twitter reaffirms our ability in identifying suitable opportunities to invest in promising, high-growth businesses with a global impact," Prince Alwaleed said according to BBC.