Ten arrested during LGBT Tel Aviv protest

Ten protesters were arrested for questioning during a demonstration that took place on Thursday evening in Tel Aviv to protest the government's anti-gay adoption stance.
Among those arrested were Labor activists Noaa Golani and Shay Charpnov. Golani serves as the head of the Labor party LGBT action group and Charpnov is the head of the Young Labor group in Tel Aviv.   
Labor leader Avi Gabbay called the protest "totally legitimate" and stressed that the arrests "of people who protest in legitimate ways and are very far from violence" are a "negative signal to all who support equality and free speech."
Israeli Police said that while it supports freedom of protest and expression it will not tolerate disturbances of the peace.
Thousands of people rallied against the government's opposition to adoption by same-sex couples. The protestors held signs reading "We are not second class citizens" and "Bibi go home."
The government has requested more time from the High Court to revise its evaluation and provide their decision.