State Comptroller: Carmel fire report to reveal negligence

State Comptroller Micha Lindenstrauss told the Knesset's State Control Commitee Monday that the in-depth investigation his office has recently concluded into the events of the Carmel fire has uncovered "very serious evidence" of negligence.
According to Lindenstrauss, over the past months a team of 30 auditors from the State Comptroller's office have been working "day and night" on the investigation, which has encompassed all of the many organizations and bodies involved in the fire, including the police, the prison service and the fire service.
Lindenstrauss added that he "could not say and would not hint" at details of the auditors' findings, which he expects to be collated and then sent out for a response in the next two weeks. The final report will be published at least a month later.