'State using Infiltrators Law in place of evidence'

The state of Israel is using the so-called “infiltrators law” as a sort of administrative detention for illegal migrants who they don’t have enough evidence to convict of crimes, the Executive Director of the Hotline for Migrant Workers said on Thursday.
“What we’re seeing here is that the state is taking people who they couldn’t prove criminal charges against and so they use what is in every way an administrative detention,” said Reut Michaeli of the Hotline.
Administrative detentions are a procedure used by Israeli authorities in the West Bank, in order to jail Palestinian security suspects indefinitely without charge.
Michaeli’s comment came the day after the Tel Aviv District Court issued a ruling that sent two Eritrean men into detention facilities run by immigration authorities after police failed to bring enough evidence against them to secure a remand extension on rape accusations made against them last week.