‘Synthetic cannabis poses serious danger’

A warning against using synthetic cannabis – known on the street as “Mabsuton,” “Space,” “Mr. Nice Guy” and “Lemon Grass” – was issued by the Health Ministry on Wednesday. The chemical substance has begun to be sold in kiosks and purchased by teenagers and adults. The ministry said it regarded as very serious any sales or use of these dangerous substances.
The drug contains synthetic cannabinoids that are liable to be five times as strong than natural marijuana, the ministry said. These work on the CB1 receptor, which is found in abundance in the central nervous system and known to lead to behavioral changes. The use of synthetic cannabinoid causes physiological changes such as memory damage, changes in the sensation of pain and difficulty moving around. It can lead to addiction, and halting its use can lead to symptoms such as disquiet, a strong urge for the drug, nightmare, excessive sweating, dizziness, headaches and tremors. Deputy Health Minister Ya’acov Litzman has received a recommendation to put synthetic cannabinoids on the list of dangerous drugs; he said he aims to do so.
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