Trump's Afghan decision may increase US air power, training

The US Air Force may intensify its strikes in Afghanistan and expand training of the Afghan air force following President Donald Trump's decision to forge ahead with the 16-year-old war, its top general told Reuters on Tuesday.
Air Force Chief of Staff General David Goldfein said, however, he was still examining the matter, as the US military's top brass had only begun the process of translating Trump's war strategy into action.
Asked whether the Air Force would dedicate more assets to Afghanistan, where the United States has been engaged in its longest military conflict, Goldfein said only: "Possibly." "It's actually too early to tell what this will mean in terms of plus-ups and reductions," he said in a joint interview with Air Force Secretary Heather Wilson.
Still, he acknowledged that the Air Force was "absolutely" examining the possibility of increasing air power, including to support US ground forces, following Trump's promise of a stepped-up campaign against Taliban insurgents, who have gained ground against US-backed Afghan government forces.
Goldfein said the same about providing training to Afghan pilots.