UN tries to reach 60,000 fleeing S.Sudan violence

KHARTOUM - The United Nations said on Friday it was trying to reach some 60,000 people who have fled tribal violence in a remote area of South Sudan and urgently need food, shelter and medical assistance.
South Sudan declared independence in July under a 2005 peace agreement with Khartoum that ended decades of civil war. But the new African nation has been struggling to end tribal and rebel violence that killed thousands last year.
Fighting broke out last week between members of the Lou Nuer tribe and the rival Murle tribe. Some 6,000 armed Lou Nuer members attacked the town of Pibor in Jonglei state bordering north Sudan on Monday.
UN sources said fighting had now almost died down after the army took control of Pibor but 60,000 people were now hiding in the bush or trying to return to their communities.