Unilever Israel to lower prices on 22 products

Unilever Israel Ltd.  decided to reduce the prices of 22 different products by five to ten percent in the wake of boycott threats by student leaders and "cottage cheese" protesters.
Unilever Israel owns the Telma, 778 and Knorr food brands, Ben and Jerry's franchise, Badin detergents, Dove soap, and Vaseline brands, among many others. The products slated to be cheaper include Blue Band margarine, Telma mustard, Knorr soups and 778 jams.
However, Unilever has declined to lower the prices of its Telma breakfast cereals, which comprise a major part of its sales.
Last week the boycott leaders sent letters to Unilever Israel, Osem Investments Ltd. and Strauss Group Ltd. threatening to boycott them if they did not lower their prices. Unilever was the first of three companies to comply although Osem agreed to lower the prices of its Materna infant formula.