US Congressman: Hezbollah agents in US worse than al-Qaida

US Congressman Peter King (R-N.Y.) warned Wednesday that there are hundreds, possibly thousands, of Hezbollah agents who are inside the United States and could perpetrate terror attacks.
“The American intelligence community … believes we are very much at risk... [from] Hezbollah...It really is the ‘A’ team of international terrorism — far more sophisticated than al-Qaida,” King said in a video from CNN’s Starting Point posted on his website. King is chairman of the Homeland Security Committee.
King said that Hezbollah has had agents and operatives inside of the US for many years, until now primarily for fund-raising and recruiting.
“We do know that a number of them have been trained as terrorists, so the question is, how quickly they can be made operational, and would they carry out an attack [against the US]?” he asked. “We estimate it to be at least in the hundreds maybe the thousands of Hezbollah agents here in this country. And again, especially if things intensify between Israel and Iran, between the United States and Iran, could Iran take preemptive action in this action through Hezbollah?”
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