White House response to Times tax evasion allegations: IRS signed off

According to a New York Times report on Tuesday, Trump and members of his family were allegedly involved in various tax schemes to assist his parents in tax evasions.

In a response statement Tuesday night, White House spokeswoman Sarah Sanders called the story "misleading" and said that "many decades ago the IRS reviewed and signed off on these transactions."

Trump lawyer Charles Harder told the Times: "President Trump had virtually no involvement whatsoever with these matters."

Harder added: "The affairs were handled by other Trump family members who were not experts themselves and therefore relied entirely upon the aforementioned licensed professionals to ensure full compliance with the law."

James Gazzale, a spokesman for the New York State Department of Taxation and Finance, said the department "is reviewing the allegations in the New York Times article and is vigorously pursuing all appropriate avenues of investigation."