Ya'alon: Outposts were approved by state and are legal

Strategic Affairs Minister Moshe Ya'alon said Monday that the term 'illegal outposts' was in itself "illegal." The outposts were approved by prime ministers and defense ministers and so were legal, he said on a tour of outposts in Samaria "We make a distinction. If someone decides to build something without approval of the prime minister and defense minister, this is defined as illegal and we deal with that," Ya'alon stated, adding that the government had done so on several recent occasions. But this, he said, was not the case with all the outposts. To illustrate their legitimacy, Ya'alon added that the outposts had also been connected to electricity and water infrastructure. "We have misled ourselves for a long time in treating these outposts as illegal," he said. "It is simply a mistake to call them that. It is a distortion, perhaps intentional."