Yishai allows 40 Druse women to cross border to Syria

Interior Minister allows

In an unusual move, Interior Minister Eli Yishai approved a request by Druse women to cross the border from Israel to Syria for six days, Army Radio reported on Tuesday. Some 40 Druse women requested to make a pilgrimage to the gravesite of Druse prophet Habil in the Kasyun mountains of Syria. During their visit, set to begin on Thursday, the women will meet with family members residing across the border in the Golan Heights, whom they have not seen since the Six Day War. This time of year, only a select few religious figures are given permission to cross the border, and usually only for a day or two. "Yishai approved their request as a humanitarian gesture, and allowed them to visit their loved ones and the prophet's grave for the first time," commented Saeed Muadi, assistant to Minorities Minister Avishai Braverman.