Yishai to Lapid: NIS 20,000 is the dream to millions

Following Finance Minister Yair Lapid's statement on Facebook Monday vowing to solve the country's economic problems, he received fierce backlash from various MKs for his assumption of the figures representing middle class earnings.
Shas MK Eli Yishai responded to Lapid's post with a sarcastic statement congratulating him for managing to eradicate the issue of poverty, within two weeks of his appointment, in order to deal with the up-and-coming needy populations, namely those earning NIS 20,000 a month.
Lapid needs to understand that the country's borders do not extend only from the "Hadera-Gadera" lines, and NIS 20,000 a month is the dream of millions who are not earning that amount, he added.
For those millions of people, who constitute populations that do not earn this kind of money, Yishai said, "they will not be ignored, allowing a blind eye to be turned against them, without a solution to the problem - this will only worsen it."
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