Online hotel-booking firms Diesenhaus, Daka 90 expand reach

Daka 90 has set up an algorithm that collects all necessary parameters to accurately compare rooms, services offered by hotels all over the world, integrate them into a single database.

Eilat Hilton 311 (photo credit: Courtesy)
Eilat Hilton 311
(photo credit: Courtesy)
On the same day travel company Diesenhaus announced that it had signed a strategic partnership with international tourism booking websites Expedia, Travelocity and Hotelspro, its local competitor, Daka 90, announced the launch of its own new hotel-booking website.
Daka 90 claims that its site offers even cheaper options and a technologically superior platform.
“We have a threefold message to our clients and to potential buyers, and those are: a commitment to a generous money-back return policy, the best technological platform on our new website and a guarantee to match any cheaper option our customers present us with,” Daka 90 CEO Shahar Turgeman said.
Daka 90 programmers have managed to do what its competitors, both local and international, have so far failed to do: set up an algorithm that collects all the necessary parameters to accurately compare the rooms and services offered by hotels all over the world and integrate them into a single database that allows for precise comparisons, he said.
The algorithm, together with Daka 90’s widespread contractual agreements with booking agents, hotel chains and individual hotels, allows it to commit to the lowest possible price, Turgeman said.
Daka 90’s new hotel-booking website is currently available only in Hebrew, but an English version is expected to go online in weeks. It offers users the option of booking a hotel according to location, price, availability, proximity to local attractions, star rankings and a range of auxiliary options in 70,000 hotels in 13,000 destinations.
Its most impressive feature, currently being tested and expected to be online shortly, is its ability to immediately compare the price Daka 90 offers for a given booking with quotes from other leading booking websites such as and
Turgeman hopes Daka 90 lead the way in the local market and the international market.
“We promise to offer the lowest price, and if we don’t, to match any lower quote the customers find,” he said. “That is an unprecedented option, which together with our commitment to a full refund on cancellation up to 72 hours prior to entering the hotel, will convince our customers to book their hotels through us.”
A major drawback to Daka 90’s new service is that it is only available online. People who call the offices will not get the same price.
Turgeman said with a third of Daka 90’s clients already booking flights and other tourism services online, the company won’t suffer from this limitation. In the coming months, people would be able to book flights, car rentals and cruises using the same system and with the same set of guarantees, he said.
Diesenhaus marketing director Gilad Brovinsky said while Daka 90’s claims had yet to be proven, his company’s new agreement with three of the world’s biggest tourism companies would offer Israelis the choice of hundreds of thousands of hotel rooms at 10 percent less than anything currently offered in Israel, together with personal service on the phone and in face-to-face meetings with agents.

“We are harnessing the strength of household names: Expedia, Travelocity and Hotelspro, to our existing network of experienced travel agents, to provide the best possible service,” he said. “Once the new services begin, our agents will have access to a cumulative database of 250,000 hotel rooms, from which they will be able to offer the cheapest available offers.”
“It is a dramatic leap that will allow the Israeli tourist to enjoy the cheapest prices in the world via local, Hebrew-speaking Diesenhaus agents,” Diesenhaus CEO Eyal Sluk said.
Diesenhaus’s website does not offer service in English, but its international partners do.