Tom Hanks includes this surprising Jewish food in his favorites

Tom Hanks only makes French toast with kosher Challah from a Jewish bakery.

 French toast (photo credit: FLICKR)
French toast
(photo credit: FLICKR)

Famed Hollywood actor Tom Hanks revealed last week that kosher challah would be an ideal component for him in a very grim scenario: His last meal on his last day on Earth.

The Forrest Gump star was hosted on popular YouTube show Mythical Kitchen, a food-based channel that has a series in which celebrities share what their ideal last meal would be, and then proceed to eat it alongside host Josh Scherer while answering interview questions.

Hanks, in his episode that came out last Thursday, revealed that one of his ideal last meals would be "challah bread French toast... with Cary's sugar-free syrup."

Josh described it as being "kosher challah from a kosher bakery in Los Angeles." 

How did Josh make the French toast?

Describing the preparation process, Josh explained that there is a "dash of vanilla extract in there, some cinnamon (which Hanks said was 'interesting'), eggs and milk. Then we have toasted it in butter, grilled it and then topped it with Cary's sugar-free syrup."