Valero's Restaurant offers luxury takeout in the heart of Jerusalem

Now you can have Valero’s at home, either delivered or as take-away.

Food by Valero, Jerusalem (photo credit: HANNAH TAYEB)
Food by Valero, Jerusalem
(photo credit: HANNAH TAYEB)
I ate at Valero’s Restaurant several times shortly after it opened in Jerusalem’s Mahaneh Yehuda in 2017. The restaurant fit the vibe of the shuk – fun, laid-back, a little loud – and featured good, well-cooked meat and reasonable prices.
Now you can have Valero’s at home, either delivered or as take-away. They even have created a special menu of sandwiches and hamburgers that are especially suited to delivery.
The co-owners and co-chefs are a married couple, Yaron and Etti Yashpe. I often enjoy asking the chef to choose my meal for me, as it’s fun to open the delivery bag not knowing what will be inside. For an appetizer, he sent the mini-arais (NIS 56), six small sliders that came with tehina, amba, and a spicy tomato salsa. Each slider was just a bite or two, and it’s fun dish for sharing.
For those of you who won’t have patience to read the whole review, I offer one word of advice: Order the 220-gram Wagyu beef burger (NIS 78), which comes with fresh vegetables, crispy fried onions and a mint-citrus aioli. The burger is softer and juicer than most burgers I’ve had in Jerusalem, with a concentrated beef taste. Wagyu cows also lead a pampered life, eating grass all day, and sometimes even getting massages. Especially these days, this sounds good to me.
I also tried three different sandwiches, which were all good, if not as good as the burger. The asado (NIS 68) was slow cooked and not fatty at all, and came with a homemade barbeque sauce, black tehina and burnt vegetable salsa. The roast beef (NIS 69) was thinly sliced and came with the same sauces, along with crispy onion and aromatic leaves.
With the sandwiches, we had an order of chunky fries (NIS 18), which are potato wedges with salt and black pepper. Definitely a cut above regular fries.
If you don’t want to eat meat, there are several alternative options. There is a fish shwarma with 12 spices, or a dish of mushroom truffle risotto (NIS 82). If you’re celebrating a special occasion, I’d go for the Sirloin Dream (NIS 168), sirloin topped with goose liver, smoked cream and a wine sauce.
There is even a children’s menu for kids up to age 12, offering either a mini-hamburger and chips, or shnitzelonim and chips for NIS 49. While the kashrut is Rabbanut Jerusalem, all of the meat is Halak Beit Yosef.
Agrippas 80
Phone: (02) 546-5650
Hours for Delivery and Take-Away (Sunday-Thursday) 11 am-9 pm
Kashrut: Rabbanut Jerusalem.
The writer was a guest of the restaurant.