A homeless man was living in her basement. Here is what happened next

A woman in southern California discovered a man living beneath her rented house.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents escort an immigrant (photo credit: LUCY NICHOLSON / REUTERS)
Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents escort an immigrant
(photo credit: LUCY NICHOLSON / REUTERS)

Imagine waking up to strange noises coming from under your house and finding out that someone has been living there. That's exactly what happened to Ashly Guardino, from Lake Elsinore, California.

When she heard the noises, she initially thought it was the owner doing repairs, but she was shocked to discover a man living in a small opening in her basement. In a TikTok video that has gone viral with over 6.2 million views, Guardino shared her terrifying experience and showed how the police removed the intruder.

Sneaking is common

This phenomenon of homeless people sneaking into apartments and finding hiding places is unfortunately common, especially in areas with housing shortages like California. After her video gained attention, Guardino revealed chilling details about the man living under her house. He was a 26-year-old parolee who had burned down his baby mama's house.

But instead of receiving support and understanding, Guardino faced accusations of insensitivity and racism from her online followers. Some commenters even made assumptions about the intruder's ethnicity, questioning if he was African-American.

In response, Guardino defended herself, emphasizing that it didn't matter what race he was, but rather the fact that he was living in an unauthorized space beneath her house.

Instances like this are not isolated

Similar cases have been reported, including a young woman finding a man living in her attic for six months and another person discovering a woman living in a closet in her kitchen. These incidents highlight the importance of ensuring the safety of our homes and being vigilant of potential intruders.

While Guardino's experience was undeniably terrifying, it is unfortunate that she faced accusations of racism instead of receiving support. It's a reminder of how quickly assumptions and judgments can overshadow the true issues at hand.