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Incoming housing minister says he is unaware of housing crisis

Israel's presumptive next housing minister is hit with the realities of finding housing in Israel in the 2020s.

Inflation: 7 facts and fictions you should be aware of - explainer

There has been much fallacious talk and print about the current 40-year high in inflation. Perhaps it is time to get to the bottom of it.

Real Estate

Israel's real estate market is cooling down, but prices aren't dropping

Only 7,900 apartments were sold in September; the average length of time to sell an apartment grows to 38 weeks.


Housing prices soar in the short term; new housing starts signal future relief

More housing starts have been promoted by the government this year, which could lead to better prices in two to three years.

Israel: An innovative country in dire need of innovation - opinion

While being informed that Israel is doing better financially than most countries, the fact is we have become a two-tiered society of the haves and the have-nots.

An aerial shot of a Tel Aviv beach

Tel Aviv housing spikes by 18% within a year, moves into risky territory

In a special report, economists from USB Bank said that this is the quickest jump in 25 years.e by 10% on average.


TikTok goes viral for pointing out this one obvious flaw in Israel

Want to move to Israel? Become a billionaire. That's the message this viral TikTok video has, pointing out the crisis of high cost of living in Israel.

‘Every citizen in Israel shall dwell’... on the price of homes

Rocketing housing prices are a hot election issue – but with each side blaming the other, whom should we believe?

Want to find an apartment in Israel? Good luck, pal

The never-ending search for an apartment in Israel: Here are the herculean tasks you’ll need to complete

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