A-G asked police for clarification about making Nir Hefetz state witness

In light of the criticism from the public regarding how Nir Hefetz’s testimony was attained, Mandelblit requested clarification about intrusive questions regarding a woman who was called to testify

Former Netanyahu media adviser Nir Hefetz (photo credit: AMIR COHEN/REUTERS)
Former Netanyahu media adviser Nir Hefetz
(photo credit: AMIR COHEN/REUTERS)
In light if public criticism and after complaints came up about the way Nir Hefetz came to be a state witness. The Attorney General Avichai Mandelblit requested from the Israeli police department with the purpose of getting some answers and clarifications about personal questions which were defined as intrusive asked of a woman who was called to testify and her name was tied to Hefetz’s 
Most of the details cannot be published. Both the warrant and the details within have caused quite an uproar and even caused lawsuits to be filed against justice minister Amir Ohana and political commentator Yaakov Bardugo. 
On the 20th of November some information was allowed to be published, and mentioned that the witness was questioned as a part of a trick to influence Hefetz to recruit him to be a state witness. Despite the details being revealed and other claims, Hefetz continues to stick to his testimony and the agreement he had signed fully. In the discussion which was held about removing the warrant forbidding the publications of these details, Hefetz claimed that publishing them means: “Killing me and hurting me”
Hefetz’s lawyers said in response that: “The minister of justice exploited in a shameful and harmful way the stage of the Knesset to hurt Nir Hefetz and his family and try and delegitimizes his true testimony which he gave to the authorities. If Mr. Ohana expected that his immunity will save him from his dreadful deeds, as he planned when he read his dreadful speech from his notes, he is mistaken”
At the beginning of November, the justice minister Amir Ohana violated the warrant forbidding the publication of certain details of the investigation, using his legal immunity granted by the Knesset, and revealed all the details which were then forbidden from publication regarding the way Hefetz was recruited to be a state witness. Law Minister Amir Ohana responded on his then Facebook page: “[He] was not aware of the warrant and that the publishing of the details was integral for the discussion of the subject”