Nir Hefetz

Netanyahu trial: There was no undue pressure - Hefetz's interrogator

A police interrogator who questioned state's witness Nir Hefetz said errors in Hefetz's statements do not undermine his credibility.

Are Israel Police's interrogation tactics legal?

LEGAL AFFAIRS: From Nir Hefetz to regular cases, the methods that law enforcement agencies use to get confessions are under scrutiny.

Netanyahu trial: Hefetz testifies about triangle with PM, media

Star prosecution witness Nir Hefetz on Monday testified about the crucial quadrangle between himself, Benjamin Netanyahu, Shlomo Filber and Bezeq and Walla owner Shaul Elovitch.

Hefetz: Uneasy with Netanyahu-Walla moves, but didn’t dream was illegal

"Neither Netanyahu nor I thought we were acting in a category of something criminal", he said.

Could Hefetz’s settling personal scores tank Netanyahu case?

Nir Hefetz, provided “the goods” in terms of evidence against former prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu in his trial.

Israel Police should fight crime, terror with the zeal used for Hefetz - opinion

Get some grit, muster up some muscle, put aside what I suspect is political bias and focus intensively on combating much more concrete threats to Israel than the peccadilloes of the PMO.

Nir Hefetz, a former associate of Benjamin and Sara Netanyahu and state witness in Case 4000

Unpacking Hefetz’s many contradictions - analysis

Hefetz was coerced by police into being a state witness by threats to expose a third-party romance who was not his wife.

Netanyahu unfit for PM duty since 2017, says key trial witness

Prosecution star witness Nir Hefetz testified that Netanyahu has been unfit to make security decisions for Israel since September 2017.

Former Netanyahu aide Nir Hefetz

Did Israeli police interrogating Nir Hefetz cross the line? - analysis

Hefetz’s testimony was chilling not because of anything it revealed about Netanyahu, but rather because of what it revealed about the tactics used to get Hefetz to turn state’s evidence.


Hefetz: Police threatened to destroy my family

Nir Hefetz had served as a top aide to Netanyahu for years until 2017 but was flipped by the police into being their key witness.

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