Ma'agalim - empowering at-risk youth from the peripheries of Israel

Ma’agalim Founder Assaf Weiss, address the Jerusalem Post Conference

 Assaf Weiss, founder and CEO of Ma’agalim  (photo credit: PR)
Assaf Weiss, founder and CEO of Ma’agalim
(photo credit: PR)

Assaf Weiss, founder and CEO of Ma’agalim, will be among the distinguished speakers at the Jerusalem Post Conference in New York, on September 12.

Ma'agalim empowers 11th and 12th grade at-risk youth from the geographical and social peripheries of Israel and helps them undergo a process of personal growth. The students are given a sense of responsibility to oneself, to their family, to society, and therefore, are ready to serve their country. Through mentoring, Ma’agalim enhances personal potential, the belief in one’s own ability and self-worth.

“The social situation in the State of Israel requires deep root treatment” says Weiss, “The social gaps between the periphery areas in Israel  are huge. The Ma’agalim organization believes in equal opportunity for all types of population in the State of Israel..

“Our message to the youth from the periphery areas is that you are equal among equals, and you can succeed just like any other boy and girl in the country”, he adds, “We believe that they are capable of anything, whether it is reaching the highest levels in the IDF command, or succeeding in the local high-tech industry.

“Every young person needs a significant adult to believe in him, and the Ma’agalim organization operates about 300 mentors throughout the country for youth from the social periphery who will give all the trust and love to those who need it”.

The Conference, celebrating the Post’s 90th anniversary, will feature important statesmen, business leaders, entrepreneurs and philanthropists, influential cultural figures and opinion leaders from around the world.