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Israeli peripheries and non-central areas to get better cellular network

"The peripheries around Israel are national destinations and therefore need advanced infrastructure and full cellular coverage."

Mount Adir, in the upper Galilee

Bar-Ilan initiative aims to address health needs in disadvantaged Galilee

The incubator's efforts to bring greater health care to the Galilee are important, as the region has been known to lack many of the health services available to Israelis living in the center.

Bikurim Youth Village creates artistic opportunity for Israel’s periphery

The Village, which was established in 2014, “began as a family project or really, as kind of a wish or a dream,” according to its co-founder, Prof. Jonathan Dekel-Chen.

Mailbox [Illustrative]

The social and geographic periphery: First to pay, last to benefit?

The corona crisis exposed the unhealthy state of Israeli society and further underscored the gaps between the country’s center and its periphery.

An illustration of the Tel Aviv light rail Purple Line.

Israel: Ignored transportation failures and forgotten traffic jams

An advanced and suitable “intra-periphery” transportation infrastructure is a timely necessity.

KKL-JNF’s project to develop Negev and Galilee into economic oasis

Everyone knows that the Galilee and the Negev should be Israel's economic growth engines in the coming years

Danny Atar, head of KKL, speaks at the Maariv 2019 Conference

KKL Head Daniel Atar: Gaps between periphery, center continue to deepen

Daniel Atar noted that while the State of Israel is considered one of the leading countries in the field of technology, 93% of high-tech is based in Tel Aviv.

Shimon Peres Hospital planned to built in Beersheba

New hospital approved for Beersheba to enhance healthcare to periphery

The decision marks the most concrete action taken on the matter since September 2014, when the government decided on a multi-year plan to develop the south and establish a new public hospital.


Third of Israelis in the periphery do not feel safe and consider moving

40% of Israelis living in the northern and southern periphery areas don't feel safe, a new survey published by the Knesset's Research and Information Center found.

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