Israeli underwear brand to shoot first Israeli campaign in UAE

The company said that the chance to shoot in the UAE is a "dream come true."

May Tager modeling Fix (photo credit: OMRI ROSENGART)
May Tager modeling Fix
(photo credit: OMRI ROSENGART)
Israeli model May Tager shot an advertisement campaign for Israeli undergarment and pajama company Fix, becoming the first model from her country to pose for a photo shoot in the UAE.
Russian Dubai-based model Anastasia Bandarenka is in the campaign alongside Tager.
The campaign will feature modest photos and, according to the company, will “be appropriate for the place” where it is being shot.
The photo shoot took place Tuesday in the desert overlooking the business district.
Fix’s marketing manager stated that “this is a dream come true” for the company. She went on to say that “as soon as the company heard about the peace process, we wanted to be part of the vision.”
Fix chose to include Anastasia in the shoot because the company feels that “peace will continue through people and through joint work.”
Tager had said she was “excited to be part of such a historic move on such a large scale,” and that this will be “one of the most fascinating trips” she has taken.