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On This Day: World War I ends, Unknown Soldiers are buried

World War I ended on November 11, 1918, at 11 a.m.

Is Israeli-Palestinian peace a dream for the naive? - opinion

Many Israelis are convinced that Palestinians are incapable of abandoning their principle of denying Israel's right to exist.

Jordanian riot police stand guard in front of a Jordanian flag as protesters hold a demonstration

Jordan is falling apart and Israel could have helped - opinion

Israel missed a huge opportunity to team up with Jordan and set an example for the whole region about how making peace can benefit everyone.


Here is how Israel can truly create a shared Jewish-Arab society- opinion

The challenge to Israel, as a democracy, is to create a genuinely shared society, and the best places to develop the shared society concept are in the mixed Arab-Jewish cities.

For peace, Abbas’s long-standing rejectionism has to be defeated

Mahmoud Abbas has had many missed opportunities in negotiations with Israel during his time as PA president.


Israeli-Palestinian peace? Mothers march in Jerusalem

The women formed a human chain along the walls of Jerusalem before assembling for a rally, calling on Israeli and Palestinian leaders to work towards a peace agreement.

March of hope

Women Wage Peace to gather for Sukkot rally for peace

Some 1,000 Jewish and Arab mothers will gather for a number of events held by women's group including creating a human chain and a rally for peace.

'Abraham Accords are going to continue shaping the Middle East'

“I think we are at a very good time where there's an appetite for more collaboration,” said the Bahraini Ambassador to the US Sheikh Abdulla Bin Rashid Al Khalifa

A US step to save the two-state solution for Israel and Palestinians

US recognition of a Palestinian state is a step that could shape the future and possibly breathe much-needed life into the dormant two-state solution.

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