Tel Aviv remains Israel's leading aliyah destination despite COVID

In 2020, approximately 11% of all new immigrants to Israel decided to live in Tel Aviv, with the city retaining its status as Israel's leading city for olim.

WHAT WE need now: Love in Tel Aviv. (photo credit: MIRIAM ALSTER/FLASH90)
WHAT WE need now: Love in Tel Aviv.
(photo credit: MIRIAM ALSTER/FLASH90)
In 2020, for the third year in a row, Tel Aviv took in more new immigrants than any other Israeli city, absorbing more than 2,300 new olim from the estimated 21,000 olim that made aliyah to Israel last year, according to the Jewish Agency and the Aliyah and Integration Ministry.
The data provided also reveal that the majority of last year’s new immigrants moving to Tel Aviv originate from Russia.
Most of those olim have been taking part in many kinds of activities offered by the municipality, ranging from lectures and workshops to concerts.
To assist incoming olim, the Tel Aviv Municipality offers support in six languages in a range of fields, including employment, welfare and education.
Due to current lockdown regulations, approximately 2,000 olim pursued Hebrew studies via Zoom in order to successfully integrate into society.
This achievement last year was made despite all restrictions and lockdowns during the COVID-19 outbreak that the country has had to endure.
Shlomo Maslawi, chairman of the Tel Aviv Municipality Immigrant Absorption Committee, responded to the news: “I am proud to head Tel Aviv-Jaffa Municipality’s immigrant absorption project. We work day and night on the absorption processes for olim choosing to settle in the city, and to assist their integration in our fabric of life. The personal and high-quality guidance that we provide is proving its merit.
“It is not by mistake that we have been the country’s leading city for olim absorption for three consecutive years,” he said.