immigrants in israel

MK Sofer solves Ulpan crisis with NIS 20m. investment

According to the Ministry, over 73,000 new olim immigrated to Israel in 2022 and about 24,000 new immigrants studied in government Ulpanim.


MyHeritage shares new data on Jewish immigration to Israel during the 20th century

Thanks to a new database, people can trace their family's migration to Israel dating back to 1919.

African migrants wait in line for the Population and Immigration Authority office to open in Bnei Br

Refugees in Bnei Brak left without papers by Immigration Authority office - report

After a six-month closure, malpractice at the Bnei Brak branch of Israel’s Immigration Authority has left hundreds waiting in long lines to get their visas renewed.

Law of Return: Grandchildren of Jews have Jewish blood - opinion

Let's look at the glass half full: For those who are confident of their culture, their land and their peoplehood, there is simply no fear, no trepidation and no worry.


‘Prove you’re a Jew!’ A cautionary tale for all immigrants in Israel

It is important for other Anglos to know about this story. It appears that neither age nor decades as an Israeli citizen ensure that an individual can avoid this irrational situation.

Lone soldier

Yeshiva University launches mental health center for English speakers in Jerusalem

The center aims to address the pressing mental health needs of English-speaking immigrants – from gap-year students to lone soldiers and more.

Aliyah: Immigration to Israel from Russia up by 400% in 2022

According to Ofek Israeli’s numbers, 32,494 Russian citizens have made aliyah to Israel in 2022 according to Israel’s Law of Return.


Immigration to Israel in the last 75 years -opinion

Indeed, more than three and a quarter of a million people have “made aliyah” since 1948. Aliyah comes in waves, massive in some years, followed by downturns, and back again.


Israel: A land of contradictions that olim learn to figure out

Israel is full of contradictions; a flying trailblazer leading the way in many things, and in others bumbling along a few steps behind leading nations. But it's part of the charm.


One couple’s volunteer work helped hundreds of immigrants find work in Israel

Nina and Daniel Green are a married couple in Tel Aviv who, despite working full-time jobs, have managed to carve out the time to help hundreds of olim find jobs after immigrating.

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