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Amid COVID-19, Israel needs to help olim and their families - editorial

Why are there not clearer guidelines? Do we not care about olim and their families? Does the government not understand that there are olim here who are alone?

104 new ‘olim’ from North America arrive in Israel

The olim (immigrants) hailed from New York, New Jersey, Ontario, California, Minnesota, Florida, Georgia, Illinois and Maryland.

Tucker Carlson takes aim at ADL with Israeli immigration policy - analysis

After the segment, the Anti-Defamation League called on Carlson to be fired. But Fox declined to act, citing Carlson’s claim that he wasn’t talking about race, and Carlson isn’t backing down.


Coronavirus shows olim how to organize, make their voices heard

IMMIGRANT AFFAIRS: Coming on the back of the pandemic and 10 months of not seeing their families for routine visits, this emotional distress has stirred something among the immigrant population.

Ministers decry gov't restrictions on entry of olim relatives

It is currently extremely difficult for foreign nationals, including parents and children of immigrants, to visit Israel due to government restrictions.

Who will represent Anglos, Diaspora Jewry in the new Knesset?

Here are 10 candidates to take that mantle and serve as the Congressman in the Knesset of Jerusalem Post readers


Real Estate: Where should you buy in Israel?

With a rich variety of prime properties and smart investments in the finest locations in Israel, Tivuch Shelly offers buyers exciting choices to match all needs and pockets.

David and Stephanie Kable at their polling place in the Katamon neighborhood of Jerusalem.

Israel Elections: Olim 'surprised how simple the voting process was'

You just pick out a slip of paper and put it into a little envelope instead of checking off boxes. It was really simple, just different than we expected."


Making aliyah to Israel is a difficult sacrifice - opinion

The reality that immigrants, especially new and young olim, won’t be celebrating Passover, weddings, and births with their families, especially for younger olim, is causing anguish.

New olim are seen having arrived in Israel

Aliyah push and pushback: Different views on moving to Israel

Taking different views on the life choice to immigrate to Israel – and those prevented from coming

By Rivkah Lambert Adler
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