Nearly one-third of Israelis blame gov't for Diaspora-Israel crisis - poll

Netanyahu was ranked by Israelis to be most fit to manage the relationship with US Jewry, receiving some 32% of favor in this regard, compared to 11% for Benny Gantz and 13% for Yair Lapid.

American Jews partcipate in the annual Israel Day Parade 370 (photo credit: REUTERS)
American Jews partcipate in the annual Israel Day Parade 370
(photo credit: REUTERS)
Nearly one-third (32%) of Israelis blame their government for the growing gap between Israeli and Diaspora Jews, according to a new poll.
The survey, commissioned by the Ruderman Family Foundation and conducted by the Dialogue polling company, found that 13% of Israelis blamed US Jewry and 21% blamed both sides.
Another 27% did not express an opinion and 6% said no one is to blame.
The poll also looked at how Israelis think US Jews can be of benefit to them. The largest percentage of Israelis polled believed US Jews’ economic contribution to Israel is the greatest asset they provide (34%), while 21% cited US Jews’ diplomatic influence. Another 20% said their “ethics and values” contribution, 13% cited security benefits and 3% said their religious contribution.
But 4% said US Jews do not constitute any an asset at all for Israel.
The poll also found that an overwhelming majority of Israelis, some 95% of respondents, think that there is a “moral importance” in the connection between Israel and world Jewry.
An overwhelming majority of respondents, some 87%, said that despite several disagreements, relations between Israel and US Jewry were either good or reasonable.
However, only 45% gave the current Israeli government passing marks in the way it has handled the relationship with US Jewry during the last Knesset, with 45% saying it managed relations badly.