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US uses democracy as talking point to defend Israel, Nides says

The Biden administration explains that Israel is “a democracy in the Middle East, where there is no other,” Tom Nides said.

Don't worry, diaspora Jewry is not suing for divorce from Israel - opinion

Liberal Jewish leaders need to stop claiming that relations with Diaspora Jewry are at risk.


Washington will not turn on Israel after new gov't sworn in - opinion

The radical Left of the Democrats in the US House of Representatives – despite that their party has lost its majority – gained several new members in the recent election.

Jake Sullivan expected to visit Israel soon - report

The Biden administration is concerned about the new government's policy on Palestinians and the settlements in the West Bank.

By Barak Ravid/Walla

Compromise only way to preserve the US-Israel relationship - opinion

Netanyahu wants to avoid – for as long as is possible – giving the Americans a reason to get upset. He knows how much he will need them and how much they are waiting.


Time to revise the US-Israel security understanding - opinion

The new and revised MOU will go a long way to translate the “Enduring, unshakable, steadfast, bipartisan and sacrosanct US commitment” to Israel’s security into a plan of action.


Tom Nides is a mensch - editorial

US policy on settlements is well known – but what Nides showed is that it can still be possible to disagree and also be a mensch. We commend him for that.

IDF Chief of Staff to visit US to discuss Iran threat

Lt.-Gen. Aviv Kohavi will meet with senior officials in the US Department of Defense as well as US military officials to strategize on strengthening stability in the Middle East

Herzog to Pelosi: US-Israel bonds are 'strong and unconditional'

President Herzog met with US Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, stressing the importance of the relationship shared by the two countries, which he said "transcends all political disagreements."

US philanthropist close to Netanyahu: What happened to Abraham Accords?

LA-based businessman claims diplomats from Muslim countries ask why Israel stopped investing in Abraham Accords

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