Netanya man throws neighbor's cat from fourth story window

The cat had wandered into the wrong apartment and was subsequently thrown out the window. The suspect reportedly laughed about it and asked "well? What's up with the cat? Is she dead yet?"

A JERUSALEM alley cat. (photo credit: Wikimedia Commons)
A JERUSALEM alley cat.
(photo credit: Wikimedia Commons)
A man in Netanya was detained by police Tuesday for reportedly throwing his neighbor's cat out of a fourth story window on Monday, severely injuring the animal in the process, after it wandered into his home from a neighboring apartment.
Neighbor Yaffa Danilova detailed the story in a Facebook post on Tuesday morning, in which she pled for the public to pressure police into acting against the neighbor, claiming that police have so far only visited the scene and left.

לכל מי שיש לו מעט לב, יכאב לשמוע את הסיפור הבא שלי, חשוב לי השיתוף שלכם, כל עזרה אשמח לשמוע. השכן שלי, זרק את החתולה...

Posted by ‎יפה דנילובה‎ on Tuesday, January 5, 2021
"Yesterday afternoon when I opened the door, our cat left the house and accidentally entered the neighbors, she was probably confused. The neighbor immediately closed the door and shouted at me from the window of the fourth floor "Take her from downstairs!"

According to Danilova, her cat received antibiotics and is taking anti-anxiety medications after suffering broken fingernails.
Danilova said she doesn't know what her condition will be in the end, but that the cat is in currently pain and has lost control of her bowel movements.
On Tuesday morning, after police had reportedly inspected the scene and left, Danilov said she spoke with the neighbor, saying that he laughed at the event, asking her "well? What's up with the cat? Is she dead yet?"
She warned in her post that her neighbor could likely escalate his violence.
"I am shocked by the conduct of the police," she wrote. "Today it is a cat, tomorrow it is a human being. This is a violent man! Please share with anyone who can help me, and save another animal or even human life."
Responding to Jerusalem Post press queries, the Netanya police said that they had since detained the suspected cat thrower and taken him in for questioning.
"The Israel Police state that any injury or abuse to animals will be dealt with resolutely," the police said in an emailed statement to the Post, adding that they will work "with a heavy hand" to bring those responsible to justice.