PM Benjamin Netanyahu's supporters celebrate his birthday across Israel

A group known as "Netanyahu's loyalist" flew a helicopter draped with a banner wishing the PM a happy birthday.

 Netanyahu's supporters celebrate his birthday (photo credit: Courtesy)
Netanyahu's supporters celebrate his birthday
(photo credit: Courtesy)
A group of avid supporters of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu have decided to organize a celebration across the country for his 71st birthday.
A group known as "Netanyahu's loyalists" launched a helicopter above Rishon LeTsiyon, to which they had hung a sign wishing the prime minister happy birthday,  and later flew across the country to display it.
Another celebration took place in the form of a car convoy in which each car was adorned with various posters and birthday wishes. Each car also played Likud jingles.
Friday saw another such convoy leave from Mount Gilboa all the way to his house in Caesarea to "demand justice for him" and wish him a happy birthday on his Hebrew calendar birth date. According to the organizers, roughly 200 vehicles were present for the event.
Another such convoy is expected to leave from Dimona and Yeruham.
"We have come to celebrate the birthday of the best Prime Minister we've had this past few decades and all throughout the history of our country," one of the organizers said. "Our Prime Minister who only does good for your country and has been hunted down ruthlessly over the past few years. His birthday is a great opportunity to wish him and all of Israel well for many years to come."