Crisis and clarity - to make Aliyah or not

This column – as its name clearly indicates – has always attempted to say, In Plain Language, exactly what I feel ought to be said.

THE CORE of the increasingly brazen acts of hate actually does not derive from white supremacists. (photo credit: REUTERS)
THE CORE of the increasingly brazen acts of hate actually does not derive from white supremacists.
(photo credit: REUTERS)
This column – as its name clearly indicates – has always attempted to say, In Plain Language, exactly what I feel ought to be said. Without much sugar-coating, often with harsh bluntness, with no small amount of criticism expected from those whose minds and souls have been numbed into confusion from an overdose of political correctness.
The Almighty – in a generous attempt to always keep us on our toes and give long-suffering, unpaid columnists like myself fodder for future columns – has blessed us with a seemingly unending series of crises to worry, write and obsess about. So let’s shine the spotlight on three current issues:
1) Oh, Soleimani! With a little help from its friends (read: Israel), the United States sent this demonic mass-murderer to a well-deserved spot in Hell. Only similar lovers of evil could bemoan the brilliantly executed execution, or mourn the loss of this monster, who not only orchestrated the murder of hundreds of Americans, but was a touchstone for terror throughout the world.
And yet, to the shock and amazement of even cynics like myself, cries of “Was is it necessary? Was there justification?” ring out from various Western do-gooders, who would coddle the criminals and vilify the victims. True, many of these are beleaguered Democrats, hopelessly infected with Trump Deranged Syndrome, who will never bring themselves to acknowledge any positive action by the president. As America prospers and the Republicans not only promise, but deliver, they are watching their chances for re-taking the White House crumble into oblivion.
But other voices, unconnected to US politics, are also in need of some basic education: There are bad, evil people in this world whose barbaric behavior can never be tolerated. They are beyond rehabilitation, beyond redemption, and no amount of money – even the $150 billion criminally bestowed upon them by Barack Obama – can retard or remove their relentless desire to destroy the decent, democratic way of life that we know to be superior. Iran – and its protégés of Hamas, Hezbollah and the Houthis – will not stop until we stop them.
2) The War Against the Jews. Just as nature and the stock market have their cycles, so does antisemitism. After some three generations of laying low, this seemingly eternal malady is starting to again lift its ugly head. Even in places where kosher Chinese restaurants and Shomer-Shabbat Little Leagues abound, observant Jews are starting to wonder if they can continue to walk with yarmulke held high – let alone wear an “I Love Israel” T-shirt in public.
Contrary to what some self-serving Dems would have you believe, the core of these increasingly brazen acts of hate does not derive from white supremacists – though there is no shortage of these low-life scum that must be eradicated. The majority of assaults on Jews are coming from two main sources: the black community (euphemistically referred to as “people of color”) and Muslims.
Take these two groups out of the equation and we could pretty much let our collective peyos flail in the wind with nary a second thought.
Of course, this is not to say that all – or even most – of the Afro-American or Muslim communities are engaged in or supportive of antisemitic behavior. But until and unless the attackers are weeded out and called out by the leaders of these segments of society  - including national figures like Obama, Al Sharpton, and local Imams – the problem will only accelerate, and bring down not only the Jewish neighborhoods, but the host country itself. Hate , like fire, rarely stays within precise boundaries.
3) Which brings us to the final crisis – the dreaded “A-Word.” Should Jews in America, the UK and Europe as a whole, finally start to consider aliyah in earnest?
I have closely followed the acrimonious debate going on between well-meaning advocates of emigration to Israel and staunch defenders of the American Way. As one prominent American rabbi wrote, “Israeli Jews don’t leave Israel because of terror attacks; just as American Jews shouldn’t leave America because of antisemitic crimes.” Counters an Israeli rabbi: “If we mistakenly failed to cry out in 1933 for aliyah, should we repeat our error, until it is once again too late?”
Both sides, I believe, have merit. We must, of course, be our brothers’ keepers and appeal to our Western family to put safety first and come home. But the essence of our push for aliyah must always be, as my wife Susie says, “an aliyah of no ifs, ands or buts.”
Not, “I’d make aliyah if I could find a well-paying job in my field; not “I’d make aliyah, and where would I live, considering the high cost of housing?” Not “I’d make aliyah, but how can I leave my parents/kids behind?” While coming to Israel to evade and avoid danger is certainly justified – indeed, the majority of our immigrants came to Israel to escape oppression or poverty – it is eminently preferable to make aliyah  for positive reasons; that sends a message that Israel is a heaven, and not only a haven.
I CANNOT end without adding a word of thanks to Alex Trebek for clarifying, once and for all, that Israel is our ancient homeland. Until he so proclaimed it, we were in Jeopardy of not knowing the truth ourselves. 
The writer is director of the Jewish Outreach Center of Ra’anana; [email protected]