Israelis have a gas after claims Iran killed Mossad agent named 'Fart'

"Like the cloud that vanishes, like the wind that blows..."

 Mossad seal (photo credit: רונאלדיניו המלך/Wikimedia Commons)
Mossad seal
(photo credit: רונאלדיניו המלך/Wikimedia Commons)

While Iranian media often claims that attacks in Iraq are targeting "Mossad headquarters," their latest claim squeaked out a series of memes on Thursday after they reported that a Mossad commander named "Asa Flots" (which would mean "made a fart" in Hebrew) had been killed in a drone attack in Erbil.

Breaking (wind) news

The stink seems to have been first raised by the IntelSky Twitter account, which focuses largely on air traffic tracking.

The account tweeted "(Ilak Ron) Asa Flots, commander of the Mossad assassination unit, assisinated [sic] during an attack with kamikaze drone in Erbil, northern Iraq." The tweet has since been deleted.

 A tweet by IntelSky claiming that a Mossad commander named ''Asa Flotz'' had been killed (credit: SCREENSHOT FROM TWITTER) A tweet by IntelSky claiming that a Mossad commander named ''Asa Flotz'' had been killed (credit: SCREENSHOT FROM TWITTER)

Israelis let it rip with the jokes

Israeli social media users were quick to point out that the name "Asa Flots" would translate to "made a fart," ridiculing the latest Iranian claim of Mossad activity in Iraq.

"We would like to give our heartfelt condolences to the family of Asa Flotz. Like a waft in the wind, you were gone too soon. We toot our horns in your honour. Let's all remember his him by saying 'smell you later,'" wrote the Mossad Twitter account (not officially affiliated with the actual espionage agency).

"Rest in farts Asa Flots," tweeted Jerusalem Post correspondent Anna Ahronheim.

"A good Mossad agent, like a good fart, is silent but deadly."

Jerusalem Post correspondent Lahav Harkov

The legend of Asa Flots

The origin of the gassy claim may be from a tweet by Khaled Iskef, a reporter with the Lebanese, pro-Iranian Al-Mayadeen TV, which shared the claim that a Mossad commander had been killed, although he mentioned only the "Ilak Ron" name, without "Asa Flots."

One Twitter user, GiliCharley, responded to Iskef's tweet that "'Ilak Ron' was his operation name. His real name is Asa Flots." The Abu Ali Express channel and other social media users theorized that the response may have been what IntelSky sourced for their toot about "Mr. Fart." The Jerusalem Post was unable to confirm if this was the case and whoever supplied it has not yet denied it.

When another Twitter user congratulated GiliCharley for seemingly gaslighting IntelSky, GiliCharley responded "Gladly, but the real applause should go to our dear hero 'Asaf Lotz' (another pun on the "made a fart" joke) may he rest in peace."

The Iranian Fars News Agency and Mehr News Agency cited IntelSky as a source for the report. As of Thursday afternoon, the articles were still up and still citing the IntelSky tweet that had already been deleted.

On Thursday, the Kurdistan Region Security Council blamed the Iraqi Hezbollah militia for carrying out a drone attack against Erbil, denying the claims that a Mossad member was killed in the attack.

"They may be able to feed these lies to their public, but for the people of Erbil and the region who have seen the site, type of attack and its consequences with their own eyes, these reports have become ridiculous," said the security council, stressing that Kurdistan will never serve as a position to threaten countries in the region.

Abu Ali Al-Askari, head of the Iraq Hezbollah Brigades security office, denied that the group was behind the attack, telling Lebanese Al-Mayadeen TV that "the accusation that we bombed the Mossad headquarters in Erbil – although it is an honorable accusation, we are not aware of it."