Oil rich Arab Islamic nation with millenia of history, still struggling for stebillity following 2003 overthrown of dictator Sadam Hussein.

Israel-Hamas War: What happened on day 197?

White House not commenting on Israel's attack in Iran • Israel strikes Iran, defense officials confirm • Hamas leadership considering leaving Qatar

Airstrike hits military base south of Baghdad used by terror organization, sources say

A huge blast hit an Iraqi military base used by Popular Mobilization Forces near Baghdad.


Iraq PM denies involvement in Iran's barrage on Israel in CNN interview

Prime Minister Mohammed Shia al-Sudani refutes claims made by the IDF that missiles or drones were launched from Iraq,

Iraqi leader calls for restraint in Middle East during Washington visit

Iraq is a rare ally of both Washington and Tehran. Iraqi airspace was a main route for Iran’s unprecedented drone and ballistic missile attack on Israel.

US Army soldiers keep watch on the US embassy compound in Baghdad, Iraq January 1, 2020

Iraq's struggle: divided between the US coalition and becoming an Iranian proxy-state

Iraq needs a strong ally like the US to face a potential ISIS rebirth. However, the government is trying to balance its ties with both the US and Iran by allowing Iran to back Shia militias there.


Shuttering Al Jazeera is crucial and the decision is better late than never

Al Jazeera not only fans the coals of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict but even provides the matches to light the fire.


US envoy asked Middle East foreign ministers to mediate with Iran

Iran's Foreign Ministry reported that a phone call with officials from the various countries occurred, however the US has declined to comment.


Iran calls Iraq’s president to slam Israel

The Iranian call to Iraq’s president comes after Iraqi-based militias have increasingly said they are targeting Israel with kamikaze drones.

Should Iran be afraid of Israel's long-range attack capabilities?

In the event of an all-out war, the damage Israel will cause to those countries that attack it is tens of times greater than their ability to harm Israel.

Israel will pay a 'heavy price' for strikes, Iranian president says

Iranian President speaks to Iraq about escalation in the region and bilateral ties

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