Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah: Israel must be destroyed

"The West Bank remained steadfast as well, as we saw recently with the Israeli soldier killed by a rock."

Lebanon's Hezbollah leader Sayyed Hassan Nasralla. (photo credit: REUTERS)
Lebanon's Hezbollah leader Sayyed Hassan Nasralla.
(photo credit: REUTERS)
Hezbollah leader Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah gave a speech on Friday, Al-Quds Day, on the "struggle with Israel," in which he opened with the position that "Israel must be destroyed."
He opened his speech by addressing the various reasons for the commemorative speech, in which he called Israel's Independence "the establishment of this virus of an entity, this cancerous tumor amidst our umma."
"When Khamenie declared Al Quds Day in 1979, it was a culmination point of his personal struggle against Israel, which he began addressing in 1960. Khamenei was restating the position of Najaf and Qom regarding Palestine, a position that remains a consistent position until the present. 
This position is that Palestine from river to sea must be liberated. Israel has no legitimacy to exist at all and must be destroyed."
Nasrallah said that the position regarding "Palestine, the holy places, the Palestinian people, and the upsurper entity is a religious and ideological position and therefore we cannot compromise or negotiate on it."
"Anyone who thinks they can change this position through sanctions or pressure is mistaken and must despair of their attempts to do so."
Nasrallah said that resistance alone is the only way to liberate the Palestinian land from Israel.
"Defeating occupation forces is also an attrition process. Israel was forced out of Lebanon and Gaza through attrition, they were bled slowly until their leaders decided they could no longer remain," he said. "Internal chaos in the central country of an empire could also lead to withdrawal of forces," he added. 
Nasrallah spoke of the diplomatic weight that the US has on Israel, delegitimizing Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu along the way, saying that the prime minister's success is "nonsense" and "wouldn't have happened without the US.
"Therefore the real battle is with the US government. The US wages wars in the region to further establish Israel, including Saddam's war against Irar, the war in Yemen. All the ways in the region the US is causing them to strengthen Israel's position."
Nasrallah gave many examples of how Israel and the US has failed in the Middle East, and described how Israel and the US's failure in Yemen has implications on US President Donald Trump's Deal of the Century. 
Additionally, he said that the Israelis have failed to prevent the development and the improvement of Hezbollah's military capabilities through their airstrikes. 
Continuing his speech, he said, "now we come to Palestine. In 2020, Israeli's excessive haste was obvious. American's and Israel saw the failure of their methods in Iran, Syria, Yemen, Lebanon, Iraq, etc."
He continued speaking of Israel's failure to subjugate the Palestinians.
"Regarding Gaza, Palestinian remained steadfast, and as their leaders say, their rockets can now reach all points in Israel. The West Bank remained steadfast as well, as we saw recently with the Israeli soldier killed by a rock.
"I'm not saying the Israelis or Americans don't know what they're doing, they only failed because of the steadfasteness of the Palestinians."
Reiterating what he earlier said towards Netanyahu and the US, he said, "now there are Arab countries moving towards normalization with Israel, this isn't Netayahu's success, this is the result of American pressure on these countries."
The comment led to continued threatening of Israel. "This normalization must be condemned by clerics, and Arab and Muslim people must use all means at their disposal to resist normalization."
Nasrallah went on to describe the "Resistance Axis," which he says "which is confronting the American Axis." According to Nasrallah, the Resistance Axis consists of Iran, Syria, Palestine, Yemen, Iraq, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Lebanon.
"While in 2019 and 2020 there have been US and Israeli accomplishments, our Resistance Axis has also dealt them some serious blows. The most important Resistance Axis is that we've ended American-Israeli sponsored sectarian tension and wars in the region. 
Now we're heading towards the physical wars of Yemen and Iraq. The American-Israeli will then be sanctions, starvation, and psychological war. Confronting this will be our first priority. Second we must continue to improve the military capabilities of the Resistance Axis."