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  Palestinian Authority and Israeli flags (illustrative)

New gov't has no intention of dealing with the Palestinian issue - opinion

One person, one vote is a reality that the failure of the peace process and the non-existence of the possibility of a viable Palestinian state next to Israel has led to.

UN vote imperfect map of Israel's friends - analysis

There were many countries that voted against Israel that Israel would consider "friends," yet many ask, "what determines whether a country is a 'friend'?"


Why doesn't anyone want to end the Israeli-Palestinian conflict? - opinion

Why haven’t the two sides resolved the conflict? With people dying on both sides, you’d think there’d be an impetus to find a resolution as soon as possible.

TEDx in Israel

At TEDx in Ramallah, Palestinian storytellers share personal experiences to inspire others

A teenager, a journalist, a mother of a child with cancer and a businessman were among the speakers on the theme “We Deserve”.


This is the call for a liberal religious rebellion - opinion

Israelis of the Left and Center will leave, quietly but steadily and Israel as we know it will collapse, the author writes.


Druze warn they will enter Jenin if kidnapped teen not returned

Uncle of the Israeli Druze teenager claims that Palestinian terrorists disconnected his nephew from life support while he was still alive.

Political battle: Is Israel more Jewish or Israeli? - opinion

Discrimination against 21% of the citizens of Israel is not only legitimate by the majority of Israelis, but will also be part of the new government's policies.

Gantz: DOJ decision to investigate Abu Akleh's death 'big mistake'

“The decision taken by the US Justice Department to conduct an investigation into the tragic passing of Shireen Abu Akleh, is a mistake," Gantz said.

Israeli, Palestinian NGOs lead grassroots campaign to improve conditions

15 leading Israeli and Palestinian NGOs will utilize new US funding for peacebuilding efforts to change the reality on the ground – from the ground up.

Israelis prefer practicality in promoting peace with Palestinians - opinion

The Mitvim Institute's 2022 Foreign Policy Index published that Israelis have reservations about comprehensive solutions to resolve the Israel-Palestine conflict.

By Gil Murciano
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