Eight Artistic Gifts for Eight Nights of Passover

Passover is on it’s way! But don’t panic: we’ve found everything you need for your most stylish and spiritual holiday ever. Check out our artsy gift guide for ideas your friends and family will love.

Eight gifts for Passover 2018 (photo credit: JWG)
Eight gifts for Passover 2018
(photo credit: JWG)

Making Pesach is a milestone so big that many won’t pass it until years after they marry. After all, the amount of work involved is astronomical, Passover-friendly food is often beyond expensive, and your reward for hours of scrubbing and cooking and planning is little more than sheets of mouth-drying matzah.

Whether you’re making Pesach for your nearest and dearest or spending the holiday with friends, chances are you’re on the lookout for Judaica pieces that will make your Seder experience better and more beautiful than before.

#1 - Shraga Landesman Wood and Metal Star of David Seder Plate

The is the centerpiece of any Passover celebration and an unmistakable Judaica icon. It usually consists of a large plate or tray with six smaller bowls or plates in which different food items are placed. These foods al play a part in helping to run the Seder or tell the Passover story: a charred shank bone symbolizes the Pascal lamb; a burnt egg represents Jerusalem’s golden temples, now destroyed; different bitter vegetables are eaten to commemorate our ancestors’ suffering and hardships; pasty charoset plays the part of edible mortar; and green vegetables offer hope for spring, the month in which the holiday falls. We love the mixture of colors and materials in this amazing wood and metal Seder plate from Israeli artist Shraga Landesman!

RRP: $199

Your Price: $129



#2 - Barbara Shaw Blue Paisley Afikoman Bag

One of Passover’s most beloved traditions is the game played with the afikoman – the bigger piece of the broken middle matzah. Children steal and hide this coveted piece around the house and ransom it back to the Seder’s leader in time for the deadline for finishing the Seder (around midnight based on the season’s solar days) in exchange for gifts! Keep your house matzah-crumb free with a dedicated afikoman bag, like this gorgeous paisley design from Australian-Israeli artist Barbara Shaw.

RRP: $34

Your Price: $23.95


#3 - Yair Emanuel Hand Painted Wood Elijah's Cup

Everyone knows that we drink four glasses of wine at the Seder – but a forgotten fifth cup is poured out and left un-drunk throughout the night. Known as Elijah’s cup, it symbolises our future redemption and return to Israel, which will be heralded by the prophet Elijah. This ornate, hand-painted lacquered wood goblet from Israeli favourite Yair Emanuel will take pride of place on your Seder table!

RRP: $40

Your Price: $32.99


#4 - The Israel Museum Pop-Up Haggadah

The is the Seder’s guide book. It contains every blessing, phrase, and song uttered throughout the night, and often includes explanations of the unusual events and texts that fill the Seder. This stunning Hebrew-English Haggadah from the Israel Museum is a copy of a 13th century piece discovered from medieval Germany, and is filled with beautiful illustrations, pop-ups, and moving parts to really bring the Seder story to life!

RRP: $64

Your Price: $34.99


#5 - Galilee's Exclusive Red Wine Gift Box

For a practical and failsafe Passover gift, consider helping your host with the mammoth task of supplying enough wine for at least four cups per person. This red wine gift box includes two bottles of boutique Israeli wine created from grape’s grown in Israel’s fertile Galilee region, and will make your Seder so much more enjoyable than endless glasses of too-sweet Kiddush wine!

RRP: $80

Your Price: $60


#6 - Yair Emanuel Jerusalem Embroidered Matzah Cover Set

Jerusalem is central to almost every Jewish holiday, and Passover is no exception: the scorched hardboiled egg on the Seder plate reminds us of the destroyed Temples, and the night ends with the joyful singing of leshana haba’a beyerushalayim – next year in Jerusalem! Add a little more Jerusalem flavour to your Seder celebrations with this embroidered set from popular Israeli artist Emanuel. The muted colours and oval design are unusual and eye-catching all at the same time.

RRP: $99

Your Price: $84.95


#7 - Laura Cowan Ripple Matzah Plate

Seder night requires far more than the three pieces of matzah used ritually throughout the evening: there needs to be enough for everyone present to make their korach sandwich and crumble more into their chicken soup! Make Seder more beautiful with this beautiful ripple matzah plate from incredible British-Israeli designer Laura Cowan. Its bold simplicity and engraving will make a gorgeous focal point for your evening.

RRP: $1380

Your Price: $239


#8 - Barbara Shaw Matzah Box

If you’re looking for a cute and quirky hostess gift that your friends and family will definitely appreciate, don’t miss . Featuring trivets, aprons, towels, and other Pesach-themed kitchen and home accessories, they will make fabulous gifts and amazing talking points! We love this colourful matzah tin – it’s so much brighter and prettier than having a box on the table.

RRP: $28

Your Price: $16.95