Hollywood actor Rob Lowe: Obama prefers fruit loops over Netanyahu

Rob Lowe can't believe that Obama won't meet with Netanyahu, but will meet with YouTube star.

Actor Rob Lowe (photo credit: REUTERS)
Actor Rob Lowe
(photo credit: REUTERS)
How is it that a woman famous for eating cereal in a bathtub can get an audience with US President Barack Obama, when Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu failed to do so? asked Rob Lowe on Twitter.
Among the Hollywood actor’s famous roles, is that of Deputy White House Communications Director in the television show The West Wing.
On Friday, Lowe entered a real-life diplomatic drama, when he weighed in on one of the most serious crises in the often infamous series of political battles that have raged between Obama and Netanyahu in the last six years.
Lowe mocked Obama for a live streamed meeting he held Thursday with three YouTube stars, GloZell Green, Hank Green and Bethany Mota.
In a publicity move that targeted younger Americans, the three YouTube stars interviewed Obama.
A GloZell video that garnered 9.7 million hits on YouTube showed her eating fruit loops in a milk filled bathtub for what she called the cereal challenge.
Her interview with Obama occurred the same day that the White House announced that the US president would not meet with Netanyahu in early March, when he visits Washington.
It's the first time Netanyahu will visit Washington without meeting Obama.
On Friday, Lowe sent out the following tweet to his 1.02 million followers.

“Hold up. Is it true that a woman who eats cereal out of a bathtub gets to meet with the President and the Prime Minister of Israel does not?”

To underscore his point, he sent a second tweet with a photo of GloZell face-down in the tub.
“For those who aren't up to speed, here is the woman who had an official meeting with POTUS yesterday,” Lowe wrote.
The White House blamed the lack of an Obama-Netanyahu meeting on Israel's March 17 elections. It is administration policy not to meet with political candidates so close to an election to avoid the appearance of interfering in the domestic affairs of another country, White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest said.
But political pundits believed that Obama snubbed Netanyahu as diplomatic pay-back for the prime minister’s acceptance of an invitation by US House Speaker, Republican John Boehner, to address a joint Congressional session on March 3 on the need to increase sanctions against Iran.
Netanyahu’s stance on Iran runs counter to Obama’s, who prefers to halt Iran’s nuclear program with a negotiated agreement with Iran rather then increased sanctions.
In a breach of protocol, Netanyahu also informed the White House of his pending trip only after he accepted the invitation.
US Secretary of State John Kerry also declined to meet with Netanyahu on the trip.