Travelers at Ben-Gurion love Nasrallah the cat

Nasrallah the cat was found in the vents near a conveyer belt in Ben-Gurion airport, and now lives happily in the airport, greeting passengers passing through.

 NASRALLAH AND ‘mother’ Keren Ravensky. (photo credit: COURTESY - Keren Ravensky)
NASRALLAH AND ‘mother’ Keren Ravensky.
(photo credit: COURTESY - Keren Ravensky)

Nasrallah the Cat, otherwise known as the Airport Cat, has been beloved by many in the Facebook group “Damaged Cat.” Travelers often meet her while waiting for their flights or upon their return home, and snap photos with her.

Nasrallah’s “mother” Keren Ravensky, who works in Ben-Gurion Airport at border control, takes pictures of her and posts them under a profile she specially created – “Nasrallah my love.”

The backstory: Along with other workers, Ravensky fed and took care of her, after discovering the poor kitty in the vents near conveyor belt 14. Sometimes they would hear her howl, but could not locate her. When they finally did, Nasrallah’s “father,” Lior Assolin, gave her the name.

Now, the airport – thanks to Ohn Debby, another staffer – has set up feeding areas and funding for felines like Nasrallah to get spayed, and all the employees help look after them.

“It makes a difference to black cats, because people don’t like [them]; and she makes good PR,” Ravensky said.

In the end, Nasrallah has also succeeded in bringing together a new family: At the end of the year, Ravensky and her partner Ben Bargan (whom she met through posting photos of Nasrallah on the Facebook group), will be adopting her and her “brother” Luis and taking them to their new home. 

If you want to meet Nasrallah and the other airport kitties, plan your travels soon!